Friday, March 31, 2006

Thank You....

A GREAT, BIG, BETHANY thank you to my Flirt for him being such a great friend today. You rock my face off.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

I Wasn't Going to Blog About This....

BUT, now I am angry. All out, crazy, red in the face, just bought a baseball bat for protection..... ANGRY. I had to go to the police in my town Monday night because of my stalker/harasser. AKA, The Liars "Best Friend" Psycho Tub O'Lard. The officer seemed very helpful when I first spoke to him. Said this is happening more and more because internet access is so easy these days. He took all the information necessary, I shut down my former blog and blocked all parties from either e-mailing me or contacting me through MySpace. I did my part to be an adult. Granted, I had the last word on my old site. Did I use real names? No. Did I write about her much? No. 3 times. How many times did her and her friends attack my site? About 50. I had to keep blocking and deleting because they kept finding new ways and new IP's to harass me from on my site and on MySpace. But I'm the stalker? I let it go Monday. Then today I checked to see if Psycho Tub O'Lard was still reading the old site. Yep. I click on her IP address to print it out and I see she logged on to my site from a link in some chat room. Some website called Fecal Matters (can we say REALLY pathetic?? I mean who goes on or even starts a website called this??)... So I sign up and log in to the forum. And there is Psycho Tub O'Lard calling ME a Psycho Stalker. Um, hello? Who's not letting this drop? What made it worse is that she is laughing about how the Police and her were laughing at me and how she "*wink*wink* threatened (me) with a tire iron." And how she now has a "hammer as well in (her) car." And how the cops have "dealt" with me before. She then goes on to post my MySpace address and my old blog address. Excuse me if I am missing something, but I dropped all this shit Monday night - who's the stalker? If I wanted, I could post all her info here, but I choose not to BECAUSE I AM AN ADULT. I could harass the crap out of her, but I choose not too BECAUSE I AM AN ADULT. And BECAUSE I AM MATURE - even though I'm not married *giggle*giggle* and still "live at home with (my) mommy." I'm aggravated and annoyed and this is making me literally sick. I now have to go to back my local police department because the officer is now being a dick and telling me there is nothing he can do.... Until I told him I am dating "Harry" and "Harry" says I can do something about it. That made him move a bit. Now he's "looking for a judge to sign the stay away order." Argh, how aggravating. This girl is a real piece of sh**. And so classy. When she was done talking about me, she went on to talk about how she would give the other forum members a pic of her "full frontal bush." So classy. EW! 10-4 over and out.

How Could I Have Forgotten??....

Last night Mama D. brought home 1/2 a Tuna Sandwich from Panera for me. I was so hungry after working out, so I was excited. I LOVE their tuna. I snarfled it. Then I started to itch. And itch. And itch. Hives. Everywhere. Not even kidding. So Mama D gives me a Benadryl and 30 minutes later I am off to sleepy land. Ahhhh. What did I dream about you ask? I dreamed I got married. And on my wedding day, after I said "I do," I jumped into my mothers arms and cried because I married the wrong man. Very, very weird. A preminission (sp?) maybe? Odd. Before I ate and went to sleep, I gave my little Molly a bath.... She is too cute!

Happy, Happy, Birthday, Baby.....

G'morning Kids & Porn Stars.... Happy Thursday! Bethany has been on the wagon now for 6 whole days. Rock on. ;) Today is "Harry's" b-day, so happy birthday to him! (He doesn't know this new site though...) So let me tell you a little bit about my night out with him on Tuesday. He said on Monday, "I will reach out on Tuesday in regards to our plans." Tuesday came and 5 rolled around. No call, no e-mail. So I text messaged him, "Are we still on for tonight? Let me know :)." He called back, "Yes, we're still on - if you want." He them asks where there is a place to meet that is halfway between the two of us. He picks a place 5 minutes from my house. Weird. So we decide to meet at 8:30. 8:30 rolls around and he calls - he's running late. So I shopped a little bit in the drug store next to the restaurant. He finally arrives and we head in. We talk for a while - I mention "Mc" a few times and he finally says "Mc's" real name three times and then says, "You know (Mc's) name spelled backwards is "Mc." Kind of annoyed tone in his voice. "Um, OK," I said. So we talked some more and then I mentioned how I tend to meet people who play mind games. He says nothing. Then we talked about his ex for a bit and I said, "When you meet the right one, you'll know it." He responded with, "It will hit me like a ton of bricks. I think I met the right one, but it's just bad timing." I said, "You did - I'm right here!" He smiled. Frustrating. Then, before we leave, he says, "Do you think I played mind games with you?" I said, "I don't know.... I guess so, yes." We walk outside. He kisses me on the cheek and DOESN'T walk me to my car. Ouch. I say, "I have a card for you..." So he drives over to my car - while I walk! He motions for me to open the passenger door and he moves the stuff on his seat. I hand him the card and I don't get in. "Have a good night - open it later," I say. Then I am off for home. I sent him an e-mail when I got in that explains why I think he played mind games and that I hope when he is ready, he will give me another chance. Why are men so damn frustrating?? Argh.
So I finally told "Mc" about everything that happened with The Liar. He wasn't angry with me. He actually was comforting, which was nice. Before the conversation ended he asked, "Are you now done punishing yourself?" Yes. I sssooo am. He (as well as jut about everyone else) was sooo right about her. I should have listened to Margie B. on St. Patty's night when she said I shouldn't invite her out. "Mc" was really sweet about the whole thing. He and I are meeting for Happy Hour tomorrow night. Which can only lead to a fun night with him. I am waiting to hear back from him in regards to our double date with Kel and RyRy for Saturday night. He's been so busy all week! I'm busy too, but I always make time for blogging, e-mailing and personal calls, lol.
So, KAT told me something over the weekend that made a lot of sense. I seem to only talk about the negative things with "Mc." It seems like most people do that - have you ever noticed that? She then went on to tell me, "I've only met him once, back when you first met him. So, it's not that I don't like him, I just don't know all the good things." She's right. So I am making it a priority to talk about the positives more often. :) Even though I am still trying to date "Harry." I can date two boys at once, right? LOL.
I made it to the gym last night.... It felt good to get back there. I am heading over tonight as well. Need to get ready for Florida! I went Monday night to, but was unable to post about it because of all the drama. So you unfortunately missed out on 1 PF Update. LOL. Here is last nights....
PF Update:
Hotties Observed:
8!! HELLO # 8!! Hello, #6 - nice (tattooed) arms!
Work Out Buddy: My iPod
Calories Burned: 500
Miles Done: 3.8
Machine Used: Elliptical
Bad Outfits/Hair Do's: 5, last night was BAD!
Anywho, the boss has caught me again on here and sending out a personal e-mail and I need to pull $12K of billing out of my a** by tomorrow. So I am off to the trenches. 10-4 over and out.

Monday, March 27, 2006

A New Chapter....

G'morning Kids & Porn Stars.... Welcome to my new home!! I know that the moved caused some confusion and it was very annoying for me, but it's for the best. Too many nosy F***ers couldn't leave well enough alone and just couldn't let others be happy. So here I am in my new home. Of course, names will be changed so as to not get tracked down again and this time I will be slighly more annonymous. I am not giving this address to just anyone. Change is good though, right?
This past weekend was a blast! Even if I wasted Saturday being miserably hung over - it was totally worth it! A little weekend recap:
Friday - Went to meet Mama Dukes at the mall where she proceeded to buy me a very beautiful butterly necklace :)

After that, we headed over to the diner for some dinner together. She is too cute. During dinner, The Liar was messaging me - someone had too much wine. But, she was cute and it was nice to "talk." KAT messaged me and said, "If we go out around me, "Larry" says you can sleep over." So it was set. I would go see my little KAT, we would catch up in person, and get a little drunkies. Sweet. So after sprucing up, talking to a drunk Liar, and getting directions, I was off to my little KAT's place. I heart her. When I got there, she gave me the grand tour and then we were off with her soon-to-be mother-in-law, Jo. We went to one bar that was - for lack of a better word - lame. LOL. We had two rounds there and decided to leave - leaving Jo to fend for herself. She was having a good time and Larry was going to meet up with us at another place (yea!). We met up with him and the sex/"Harry"/"MC" talk began. Got some good advice (thanks!!) and met a boy. The Boy, nooooo. No good, but OK for a free drink. He text messaged me FIVE times after we left the bar... Oh geez. Thankfully, I have not heard from him since. Ew. We headed over to a diner and got some grub. Then Larry ran into some old friends... I took a number from one of those guys too (so not my type, but what the hell, right? I was on a roll). We finally headed back to the house where - I think - we all passed out in one bed with Molly Jane (I LOVE YOUR DOG!)
Saturday - Woke up slighly confused as to where I was. Then remembered. All I felt was heavy breathing on my leg and heard someone snoring (Larry). I'm thinking, "Why is he on my leg? This is going to be weird. KAT is going to be maaaad." Then, finally, I realize it's Molly Jane, NOT Larry. Ooops, lol. We all wake up and Larry says milkshake and we are all over breakfast. We headed out to Friendly's for some eats. It was THE best breakfast ever! After breakfast, we headed back to their place and I felt so sickies I needed to get home. I had planned on getting the hair and nails done in the afternoon, but sleep and relaxation seemed more important. I heard from "DD" about dinner.... I didn't think I was going to be able to eat or make it out, but I trudged along to her place around 7:30. By 8 we were off to meet up with Steeny at a different restaurant. Dinner was nice - it was good to catch up since I don't see Steeny as often as I see or talk to "DD." And the eats were yummy and I kept everything down! Woo-hoo! After we ate, we sat and chatted for a bit. "DD" needed to sober up since that one glass of wine went ride to her head, lol. After dinner, I head over to "MC's" to hang with him for a bit and sleep. I crashed on his couch until about 3AM, then went into the bedroom and pushed him out of the way for some room.
Sunday - "MC" was on his way out to racquetball, so I kept right on sleeping. When I finally woke around 12:30, I headed over to the salon to get my hair and nails done. By late afternoon, I was thrilled to get home and relax. I caught Mammy up on the weekend and retired to the old bedroom. "Harry" called and we talked for a bit. Decided to make plans for Tuesday night. I spoke to "MC" for a bit, watched some tube and then was off to dreamland thinking all was well with the Bethany world.
Monday - Woke up as usual and went to work. Got an e-mail from The Liar that made me still think we were friends and everything was cool. Then all hell broke loose - I finally learned my lesson - I am done punishing myself - I am so done with her. Yes, I am an idiot, but I've learned and that's all that matters at this point. I will post more ASAP, just needed to get this site up and running, but I have more to update you on. 10-4 over and out.

P.S. - I've been banned from KAT's and Larry's on Friday nights since I kept Larry out too late on a "school" night. LOL. I sorry.