Monday, December 10, 2007

30 Is The New 20? I'm Not So Sure.... LOL

G'afternoon Kids & Porn Stars. 30. 30. 30. 30. I keep playing that number over and over in my head.
30 and....
Not married.
No kids.
No home of my own.

Ugh.... 30. 30 and single is even worse. Especially when you were in a relationship just prior to turning thirty that you thought was THE relationship. Looking back, it wasn't. I don't want to go off on a DB tangent right now, but I do need to mention what's been going on there - only because he still has the power to make me shake, puke, and stress out. And trust me, I am not giving him the power, it's just how my body reacts. So here's the story (drama) fasten your seatbelts because the reaction I've been getting thus far has not been good. Two Saturdays ago, The Bunny and I went out to see Dank in P-Town. We had a blast and partied it up in P-Town until 2 AM. ****This was, of course after I shopped all day with my Kel-Kel and Maggie Sue AND I got to see little Syd - awwwwwwwe :P **** After Dank wrapped up, we all headed back towards The 'Burg and over to our stomping grounds. We avoided The 'Burg Friday night since DB's band was playing, so Saturday we figured it would be all clear. And it was. Until 3:50AM. (Who goes to a bar at 3:50AM??) DB walked in and my body physically reacted. I was immediately sick to my stomach and I began to shake. It only made it that much worse that the bastard was ON A DATE. I looked outside - the prick parked NEXT to The Bunny's car, so he knew we were in there. He purposely came in to start trouble and my stomach just couldn't take it. Now, I had been drinking for part of the night, so I reacted poorly. I walked outside when they called last call. The bartender gave us some sodies to go and The Bunny asked me to hold them. DB walked out right after me with his date. He looked at me like I was garbage and I became enraged. I smirked at him then said, "Um, Sweetie, be careful. He wets the bed." Then I threw one of the drinks at them. (Somehow I became 5 years old over the course of those last 10 minutes of the night.)

***Side note - OMG - just retelling this story is making me sick.....***

OK, so I throw the drink and they both turn and stare me down. I smile and walk back into the bar. And yes, before you ask, his date was old and hideous. LOL. So I go in and tell The Bunny what I did. She yells at me, I walked back outside as he was pulling out. I threw the other drink at his windshield. The Bunny came out just as I was doing it and pulled me into the car. Off to Dank's we went. I was so mad, I was almost seething. I was glad I didn't drive and glad I got out of there. I have to say, I was in no shape to make any decisions about staying once he walked in - I wished The Bunny would have gotten me out of there ASAP - but I also don't want him thinking he is going to run me out of one of my favorite bars or make me change anything about my life. I'm not sure which way to go with this. Anyway, we drove home around 5AM and passed out - the ending to my evening. I was sick all ay Sunday, thinking it was a hangover, I just layed in bed - intermittantly puking here and there. When Monday came and I was still throwing up, I realized it was the flu and not a hangover. I stayed home from work and rested as much as I could. 7:30 PM rolls around and my doorbell rings. WTF? I answer it - in my jammies, teeth unbrushed, wrapped in a blanket. It's 2 police officers from DB's department. They flash one badge at me and ask to come in... I warn them I am sick and invited them in.

I got the usual - Where were you Saturday night - who was I with - what happened. Not once did they tell me why they were there. Mama Dukes comes home - I tell her who they are - she simply replies, "Why are you here?" A question I never thought to ask. Duh.
Sargeant Dick: "There was some property damage done to some of DB's property."
Mama Dukes: "And you think Bethany had something to do with it?"
SD: "We are just finding out what happened on the night in question."
MD: "What was done?"
SD: "We aren't at liberty to say."
MD: "He is crazy. He's a diabetic, alcohic, crazy person. My daughter had nothing to do with anything that may or may not have been done. He's absolutely crazy. He tried to rape my daughter, assaulted her and all of you 'cops' stick together."
SD: "Well, I won't agree with that -we are just here for the facts."

I give them The Bunny's number as her and Dank are my alibi's, they thank me for my time and leave. 24 hours later, they arrive at The Bunny's house. WTF? Are they really serious here? This is going above and beyond at this point and DB's games are quite ENOUGH. They questioned her for about 30 minutes and since WE DIDN'T DO ANYTHING, our stories were the same. They tried to scare her into confessing something and when they finally realized there was nothing for her to confess, they left. How aggravating. Since last Tuesday, we haven't heard a thing. However, my stomach is all over the place upset with fear and stress that this crazy son of a bitch can get away with harassing us, making up stories, and having his friends come to my home and interrogate me. Luckily for me, I have some knowledgable friends in law enforcement - thank you Julio and Meat!!!! <3 <3 <3

So, that was that. Now, can anyone tell me why I am still thinking about that crazy SOB and why I miss the good times we had? Please God, let it only be because I'm lonely that it's now Christmas time.

Welcome back to the drama filled life of Bethany, Readers.... LOL. 10-4 over and out.l