Monday, July 24, 2006

Hey People.....

Hey Kids & Porn Stars.... Sorry for the lack of blogging, I will be back in effect very, very soon. Work has been crazy, I've been sick (turns out I'm anemic), and I just haven't had much going on in the world of Bethany. I will get some stuff together soon.... 10-4 over and out!

Monday, July 03, 2006

It's Always Sexy, in the City....

G'morning Kids & Porn Stars. Happy Monday. Actually, not so happy. My company is one of the only companies open today. Most places when the extra mile and gave their employees Monday AND Tuesday off for the holiday. Not my company. So what is there to do? Well, I have plenty of work I can do and I won't be bother since none of my clients or companies I deal with are opened today, but I would still much rather be home sleeping right now. I hate this company some times. And the crappy truth? My co-worker couldn't come in because the day care is closed and she couldn't find a babysitter. So I HAD to come in. Even though I have 125 vacation hours banked. Nice. So here is my weekly weekend recap:
Friday: Worked all day, of course. I was so wired, I couldn't wait to get out of the office. I was heading out that night to a comedy club with my work girlies and I was excited. As it turns out, VSP my co-worker, is quitting. the place is going to go nuts when she leaves because we are short staffed as it is, they are thinking about pulling me off my job part time to help out in another department, and now she is going to leave. That probably means they won't be able to pull me, which is awesome (for me). It's also good for her because she is so bitter working here and she is moving on to something bigger and better. After work, I headed to the mall in order to find some new clothes for my night out. I only went to one store and I was not impressed with their selection. I picked out a few things, and headed home. I didn't like the way stuff looked on me, so I wound up wearing something I already had. After I was finally satisfied with how I looked (and vowed to join Weight Watchers this week, LOL) I headed out. When iw as leaving, I stepped in doggie poo because my mom didn't get her dogs out quick enough. I changed my shoes. I knew it was a mistake to change them, but I did. I didn't know how long it was going to take me to get there and I didn't want to make everyone else late. My girls directions were fabulous and I was over the bridge and in Yonkers in no time. I waited at the Stop-N-Shop for "Blade" (nickname story to come later) and Kimmy to pick me up. I saw Blade and honked and waved - no Kimmy. "Kimmy's babysitter bailed, it's just me, you, my sister and her friend. Let's go park your car on the street." We were afraid I get towed. So I followed her to a spot, then I got in her car. I was a little nervous about hanging out with Blade alone. I always felt like she was my friend because we had mutual friends, so it felt weird. However, when we were driving, she said, "I can be open with you, right?" Then I knew, we were friends. :) So we get to the Bronx and head over to her sisters place. Right off the bat, I can see her sister is cool. We walk over to the subway and right away I can see her sister is annoyed that I am SO subway illiterate. Sorry, I always drive.... :) LOL. So we get on the subway and make friends all along the way. I knew we would. When we got into the city, we walked around and found a place to have some dinner. We ordered up some appetizers and ate and chatted, getting to know one another. LC (Blades sister) had a friend that was meeting up with us at the comedy club. After we ate, we walked over and waited for him to arrive. When we finally got in and seated, I knew trouble was a brewing. At the table right next to me were 3 people who seemed young. I was right. They were there to celebrate one of the girls 21st birthday. How fun for me that they would be SCREAMING in my ear all night. How fun for me. So I ignored them and got my drink on (mmm, Apple Martini's.) The first comic and the MC were hilarious. Then a group came in late and sat behind me. As if it wasn't bad enough that they were late, they TALKED throughout the rest of the first act. Are they kidding me? The second comedian came on and THEY WERE STILL TALKING. I ignored them and ordered a second drink. I turned around twice to give them the "SHUT UP" eyes. It didn't work. When the third comedian came on, I couldn't take it anymore. I turned around and said the following (there were 6 of them - 3 guys, 3 girls):
Me (excitedly) - "Are you guys here to see the show?"
Guy #1 - "No. Why?'
Me (Angrily) - "Because we are here to see the show."
Girl #1 - "So?"
Me (Completely pissed off) - "So shut the f*** up!"
Girl #2 - "Oh know she didn't."
Guy #2 - "Just shut up and drink your wine."
Blade - "She will. Drink up and enjoy!" We clink glasses.
I turned back around and they remained quiet for a short period of time. Then they started talking again. The comedian actually had to ask them to shut up. Ridiculous. After the third comedian, the show wrapped up and we remained in our seats getting ourselves together. Blade turns to me and says she can't believe it. We tell her sister and her friend what happened. Blade says, "You didn't hear her last comment?" I say, "No, what?" She said, "The girl said to one of us, 'that's one dead white bitch.' Can you believe it?" Then I feel something hit my back. Are they kidding me? LC is like, "They just threw something at you!" Blade said, "Let's just go. You guys have a good night - that's what we are going to do" then we headed down to the bathroom. "Can you believe this??" Then she shows me. "I'm always prepared Bethany...." She whips out a switch blade from her purse. "Holy crap!" "See, no worries Bethany - I've got your back!" I was in total shock. "I've never had a friend who's actually had my back before!!! They usually start the fights, then throw me in to protect them!! I'm going out with you more often" LOL. He sister says, "We've got your back Bethany - no worries!" Awesome. We head out of the club, say goodbye to the friend and start walking. We walked for what seemed like miles - through Chelsea, Soho, and some other area that I have never been to. My feet were all blistered up and I needed better shows.... ASAP. We stopped for bandaids, but they didn't help. Finally, we came across a 24 hour Duane Read. "Do you have flips flops??," we asked. "Aisle 4." We look - nothing. I wound up buying a pair of slippers that said, "World's Greatest Mom." It was crazy and weird, but my feet felt so much better. We walked some more and jumped on the subway. We made a friend on the subway and when he and his boyfriend got off, we all fell asleep. I arrived home around 4 AM, blistered and exhausted.
Saturday - Awoke to my cell phone going off... The OC. We had plans for walking and lunch, but I couldn't move. My feet were in pain, I had no voice and I was still so tired. She told me to go back to sleep - she'd call back. Around two hours later, I was off to her place. We enjoyed a nice lunch, she gave me a tour of her place, and we talked. It was nice to talk to her and exchange stories and know that the trust we have in one another exceeded lots of boundaries. Around 6, I left for home with the intention of taking a nap. GSB and DP both called. All I wanted was sleep. But, GSB talked me into coming up to his place. Of course, when I got there, LMC called looking to hang out, I told her where I was. We went inside and talked and drank. It was a nice night catching up and watching Sebastian Bach on his new show, LOL.
Sunday - I forgot where I was the next morning when I woke up there, but quickly realized that I was still at his place. LOL. I headed home around 11 and napped. I did nothing all day and enjoyed every minute of it.
Now, here I sit at work, counting down the minutes until 2 PM when I can leave. I fell like doing NO work, but I will pay for it on Wed. if I don't.... I guess I should be off then. 10-4 over and out.