Monday, March 19, 2007

Chchch..... Changes!

G'morning Kids & Porn Stars.... Lots of things going on for Bethany lately...

First off, as you all know, I am working the two jobs. Well, now I will be doing volunteer Family and Marriage counseling two nights a week, trying to get back into school for my Masters and possibly working across the bridge (If all goes well!)

Also, let's not forget MY VACATION that's coming up fast and furious! As I was trying to sleep one night last week, I received the following text messages from Carrie:
"What day are you flying in? Do you need me to pick you up for the airport?"
"The party bus is on Thursday Night. We are going to a strip club and bars. There are going to be 34 people on the bus."
"Cool. We are going to party like animals. There are many single men that will be on the bus!"
Oh geez. That's the LAST thing I need. I just want to party with my girl and the bride to be - Winkie :).

This past weekend was a semi bust. Since I had to work all day Saturday, I knew I didn't want to go out Friday night. However, with the snow storm we received, I planned on not going anywhere after I left work at 1 PM (My company was closing at 2). When I got home, I relaxed and watched some t.v. and waited for DB to come over. He stopped by before work and then I headed to bed.

Saturday I was not a happy campper. Here we are, St. Patty's Day and I have to work a 14 hour shift. :( I made due though and headed over to 32 with a smile on my face. The day went fairly smoothly, it wasn't as busy as I thought it was going to be. And I definitely didn't make the money I expected to make (I was being told I would make enough to pay rent for a month and I walked with less than $200 - ARGH!) However, Kel-Kel, Maggie Sue, Ry-Ry, Left Eye, Laurie, Amy (And her man, I didn't catch his name) stopped in for a few frosty beverages and that made the day better. :) Of course Kel-Kel stayed sober (she did have a drink or two though, yea!). After my shift finally ended (11:30 PM) I was able to sit with the group and enjoy a few laughs, take a few pictures, and chat it up with Maggie Sue. It was nice to talk to her and air some things that went wrong and clear up some miscommunications. I'm happy to say I believe it will be a new beginning for us. :) It was nice to see her as the happy married woman she's become.... I felt a little lonely being without DB while my friends were all happily with their significant others, but I guess that's the price I pay, right? After a few drinkies, new mommy Maggie wanted to get back to "Grandmas" to see her little girl. (I got an Easter pic and little Syd is too cute!) I called DB when I was leaving and he was on his way to a call, so I just went home. I returned a call to Doogie and he called back soon after. We talked for a bit and then he decided to swing by.

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