Thursday, March 01, 2007

One of the Shittiest.Days.Ever.....

Hi there Kids & Porn Stars. Not only was I ridiculously tired when I woke up this morning, it was the last day of the month. Which means, for my job, end of month billing. My boss on our ass - ALL DAY. I'm used to it, so it was OK. Plus I had the privilege of thinking about how I would be at Wing Night all night after work. And Weight Watchers in between - and oh how I love getting weighed in. I got through the day, got Mica her first car wash and before I knew it, it was 5.

***Side note, I didn't know how I was going to tell The Bunny something, but I knew I had to tell her and I was worried sick at how receptive she'd be. More on this story to come. So I add this added stress on me when I woke up this morning.***

I leave work at 5 and head over to WW to meet Kel-Kel and her Mama Dukes. The parking lot is FULL. I head down one lane which is normally (though not set in stone) a one way. In front of me is a huge truck. So I move to the right in Mica and let him by. I see and open spot. My brain says, "Back it in." But did I listen?? Noooooo. I took the turn too sharp and HIT THE CAR TO THE RIGHT OF ME. It was a tap, so I tried to back up. CCCCRRRRUUUUNNNNCCCCHHHH. SHIT! I get out of the car and look. My car is pretty scratched on the right side. MY NEW CAR. Scratched up. Temporary plates on the car. I look at the other car. The bumper was on the ground and it was pretty messed up. Fuck!!!!!! I look at my car - no license plates. I look around. No one's looking. Adios! I left the scene. I am a criminal. I shouldn't even be writing about this, but I am so guilt stricken. The car I hot was old and the bumper was already banged up - it doesn't make it right though. (So Kel-Kel, this is why I was a no show...) I was shaking and sick to my stomach. I sped to work and hopped out and looked at my car. It's not that bad, but I am getting it fixed ASAP. I feel like and a-hole. I really, truly do. And usually, I don't feel bad about things. Anyone who I've told has been making me feel like a really huge turd, but I know damn well that anyone else (with the exception of Kel-Kel) would have done the same thing. ADMIT IT!

I called The Bunny - who seemed like she wanted nothing to do with any of it. DB couldn't get out to see me, but as long as I was "OK," he assumed it was OK. Mama Dukes *thought* I was OK. I really needed someone to comfort me, I was shaking and pukey, but no one seemed to want to be bothered coming to see me. I made it through the shift - all along thinking about how I am just not meant to have a nice, shiny, new car... And to top that off, 32 decided to put THREE servers on and it was a dead night. So I walked with $80 - for the night. I was NOT happy. And Irish Boy heard the wrath of me. Not to mention, the 3rd server was BBB's Friend who started a week ago. She sucks, she's annoying, and, she's ugly. I had quite a few things to say about that as well. LOL. I'm sure she thinks I'm the biggest bitch alive, but you know what? We pool our tips and I don't work for F***ing free. I'm obviously there to make money. And if she EVER makes one more comment about how much I am on my cell phone, I will take one of her cigarettes and put it out in her eye. :) xoxoxoxo.

OK, so onto DB... I refrained from calling him on Tuesday. I knew it was best. (A BIG hug & thanks to Kel-Kel and RyRy who let me cry on their shoulders Monday night and gave me pizza, lol and a BIG hug & thanks to Doogie for taking me to lunch on Tuesday and talking me through this.... You guys are the best.) Around 1 AM I get a text message from DB asking if I was awake and if I wanted to talk. So he called and we talked for almost 2 hours. All about - you guessed it - The Bunny. He wants her out of my life - at least until she gets help for her "drinking problem" and stays sober for at least 6 months after. The Bunny is a self described free spirit - and she certainly isn't going to change because MY boyfriend wants her too. And she shouldn't. In order to keep the peace and work things out, I told him I would talk to her. However, in my mind, I keep thinking about all the good times that would vanish if she were to leave my life and I started to get sick to my stomach. However, DB and I made up and things are good. Part of me wants to test it and see if The Bunny really is "the problem" as he likes to think. However, part of me wants to kick him in the nuts for ever trying to make me choose. However, now it seems I am getting attitude from her and I feel like I am the one getting the shit end of the stick here because I am the one in the middle. Why does everything have to be so frustrating?

I'm at a loss - no pun intended. 10-4 over and out.

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