Monday, March 05, 2007

Weekend Recap....

G'morning Kids & Porn Stars. Happy Monday. Caution, long post ahead.

So, let me start off with some good news. I went down the the Jersey shore Friday afternoon with Mama Dukes to see my brothers. We needed to get a bunch of paperwork signed and what not for our stocks and it feels good to finally have a huge chunk of this issue taken care of. It also felt good to know that my father kind of took care of us by buying into these stocks. Briberry and I made out pretty well and it feels good. It was also nice to spend the day with Mama Dukes - the two hour ride there and back gave us some time to catch up. I also took her out for her birthday dinner (her birthday is today). (Shut up RyRy, but we went to Charlie Brown's, LOL. The salad bar was AWESOME.) Briberry was decent to me - smiled and was pleasant. The other Brother (not to be confused with "The Other Sister," because he's not retarded, but you might not know it by looking at him), was a prick. An all out, first class, a-hole. He wouldn't look at my mother or eye, talk to us, or even SIT near us. Honestly, is it really worth all this because of money?? Grow-up already.

When we got home, I napped for a bit since it was a long day (working in the AM, driving for 4 hours, and dealing with the brothers... It was stressful.) Around 11 I headed over to Casa to see DB play. It was DB's and my 6 month anniversary and Casa is where we met. He sent a BEAUTIFUL bouquet of flowers to my job in the AM. He's being very sweet lately. I stayed about an hour and watched him... Then I headed over to 32. I thought for sure The Bunny would show up - at least for a drink - but she didn't. I chatted with Irish Boy and had a drink while I waited for DB to finish up. As I was sitting there - semi incognito - the new girl was talking about how she "loves" working at 32. We'll call her BG (Bohemian Girl.) She had no clue I was sitting there. "I just love working here. It's the best place I've ever worked," she goes on and on to Irish Boy. Obviously kissing his ass. "I just love everyone that works here. Except Bethany." Hahahaha.... Irish Boy says, "Well, Bethany is right there," and points to me. She almost died. "I, I, I, didn't mean it like that....," she stammers as she tried to explain herself to me. "Stop," I say. "I don't care. I don't care about you. I don't like you. Only speak to me when spoken to." Then I turn my back to her. What a moron. LOL. I left shortly after and met up with DB at my house. We hung out until the wee hours (AKA, until I fell asleep, LOL).

Saturday - Woke up and lounged for most of the day. Chatted with Doogie online and then we decided to meet up at the mall for some eats and a chat. I raced around getting the nails done and what not then met him at The Outback. We spent some time there having some yummy foods and chatting away. It's always good to hear his perspective on things. He's so laid back since he got home and always has good comedic effect. :) After lunch, we headed to Barnes & Noble and checked out some books. I needed to get home soon after so we hugged and said good-bye. After I fed the pooches, I lounged around some more and then decided I was going to go to the movies - whether I had someone to go with or not. No one wanted to go, so I headed out and got to enjoy Zodiac all by my lonesome. It felt good to not have to worry about whether anyone else wanted to see it, listen to them talk, have to find two good seats.... I settled in and enjoyed the THREE hour movie all alone. It was a great flick! Definitely too long though, LOL. After the movie I headed over to DB's gig right near my house and sat in on the last 3 songs. As much as I hate the music (LOL), they sounded good and he made me proud :). I talked to him for a few then went back to my house. He came over a little while later and we relaxed and watched t.v. until I (once again) fell asleep.

Sunday - Mama Dukes headed off to AC with her her BFF. I had the house to myself, ahhh. I got so much done and it felt good! DB came over at night, we watched Waiting and cuddled. All in all, a nice weekend. 10-4 over and out.

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