Monday, March 12, 2007

Weekend Recap...

G'morning Kids & Porn Stars.... Happy Monday - OK, not really. Where do I begin? My boss is an a-hole. Last Thursday I had to work from home because the Honda people were coming to inspect my car and they gave me a time frame of 12-5. How nice. Instead of driving in to the office and working from 8:30-11:30 I just stayed home. (Of course DB stopped by on his way home - awwwwe). My boss STILL hasn't signed my time off request. So, as you can imagine, I'm annoyed with him. Then all day he gave me attitude via e-mail. F him. After working all day for his attitude, I had to work at 32.

P.S. - The Honda guy showed up 10 minutes after I fell asleep on my lunch hour. I was SO annoyed!

Friday - Woke up feeling like crap. I'd had a headache (migraine) for 2 days straight and was NOT in the mood for the boss (DM). When I got to the office, I couldn't handle it. I needed to leave. So, an hour later I was on my way home. I decided, F Him - he can deal with my clients for the day. I couldn't even hold my head up. On my way home, I broke down and started crying. Hysterically, like a baby. It was uncontrollable. I was glad when I got home. I popped a Valium and slept like a baby. I wound up staying in all night - DB stopped by before work to check in on me and The Bunny called / text messaged me most of the night to check in.

Saturday - Woke up to DB's text that he was on his way over. He came by for about an hour to see how I was doing. After he left, I get a text from The Bunny, "Call me ASAP." It was 9:30 AM. The Bunny is NEVER awake that early on a Saturday. I call her. "I'm in The 'Burg. Couldn't drive last night. My car is at Rhodes." She laughs. I laugh. I wound up going to pick her up. She wasn't in The 'Burg. LOL. She was actually 10 or so minutes outside of The 'Burg. I circled around a bit looking for her. When I finally found her - standing on 17 LOL - we went to get some bagels and chatted for a bit. I finally dropped her at her car and went home. We made plans to get our nails done after 3 and we were off. 3 came and The Bunny was too hungover to go out. I can't say I wasn't pissed. I was. I waited 4 hours for her to get some rest, so PMS reared it's ugly head and I was mad. I wound up staying in Saturday night just relaxing and watching movies. DB stopped by again before work and then I was off to dreamland again.

Sunday - Mama Dukes had her shopping face on so that's what we did. For 3 long hours. I made out like a bandit on Mama Dukes dime, so I can't complain. :)

So, here I am at work again. I can't tell you how miserably depressed I am working here. The only good thing is, I put name in the running for a new position here. I'm hoping it comes through as it would open A LOT of doors for me. My boss has still yet to approve my vacation time, so it looks like I won't be going to Winkie's wedding. I am NOT happy. Wednesday at lunch I start this volunteer program I am getting into. I am going to be a volunteer counselor. I am hoping it will open my eyes to see if it is really something I want to get into... And if it is, I hope it counts as an internship when I do finally get my a** back into school! :) Tonight I am dropping Kelly (My Accord) off at Honda. It's going to be a sad day :( Although I am still loving my new ride (dent and all). Things with DB are going well. I hate to say it was The Bunny that caused our fights because I really don't believe that - but, as I said things are going pretty well. LOL. (Sorry Bunny). The only good thing now is that The Bunny and I no longer hold anything back - we just say what's on our mind. I think all of this might have made us closer. I just wish everything could be simple again. Maybe one day. Anyway, I am off for now, I guess I should take advantage of my boss being out of the office so I can get stuff done without him bothering me. 10-4 over and out.

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